LH International Sculpture Festival

40th Anniversary Celebration

In a joint effort the Foundation Board, LHISD, and the City of Liberty Hill are proud to announce the anniversary and celebration of the original Symposium. Since it has been 40 years we are inviting the original artist and community members that where instrumental in pulling off this international event that could have not been done without them. We are also wanting to bring community awareness by combining the old with… Read More »40th Anniversary Celebration

James Vaughan

Town builders James Vaughan has delivered mail in Liberty Hill for about 14 years. And he has seen a lot of changes in that time.  Of the recent gross he says, “I’m tickled to death with a lot of aspects of it, but I don’t want it to be too fast. ” A native of liberty Hill, James Vaughan played on Liberty Hill’s semi-pro baseball team which was managed by… Read More »James Vaughan

Liberty Hill and the Sculptors December 19, 1976

Sunday, December 19, 1976  Liberty Hill and the Sculptors   Artists from all over made me feel at home By Linda Kerr Staff writer Their days were spent with mallets and chisels, air hammers and welding tools, attacking limestone and granite, scrap metal and marble. They were 23 artists in Liberty Hill for the International Sculpture Symposium. While working with material that would not give, the sculptors found the people… Read More »Liberty Hill and the Sculptors December 19, 1976

Liberty Hill’s 1976 International Sculpture Symposium and Park

A Liberty Hill local artist, Mel Fowler, a painter and sculptor returned from a European International Sculpture Symposium in 1975. Inspired, he endeavored to organize the first symposium of its kind in the southwest. Fowler considered Austin, Texas but an other local of Liberty Hill, James Vaughan convinced him to hold the symposium in Liberty Hill, Texas. The International Sculpture Symposium took place in the fall of 1976 in celebration… Read More »Liberty Hill’s 1976 International Sculpture Symposium and Park

1976 Statesman Article

LIBERTY HILL – A cacophony of creativity fills the air around this little town’s Market Square these days a strange symphony brought here by the first International Sculpture Symposium ever to take place in the Southwest. Punctuating the din are the clink-clunks of metal on marble, the screams of power saws biting into limestone, the rat-a-tat-tat of  neumatic drills eating through granite. As chips of stone fall rhythmically to the… Read More »1976 Statesman Article

Tierra Madre by Nati Escobedo

One of the delights of a sculpture placed in nature is that each time you revisit the piece a new aspect may reveal itself.  The light will be different, the surface may be damp or algae may have grown along a surface. All of this and don’t forget that depending on from where you approach the sculpture it may look entirely different from multiple angles. Our featured sculpture this month… Read More »Tierra Madre by Nati Escobedo