Frequently Asked Questions

How much does the festival cost?
The morning portion of the festival, from 7am – 1pm, is free. Tickets to the evening portion (balloon glow, street dance and silent disco) are $15 for adults (over 12 years old), $5 for kids (Ages 4 – 12), and free for kids 3 & under. Ticket prices increase October 1st. Tethered balloon rides are $25 at the festival (cash or credit card). Food trucks will accept cash and credit cards at both festivals.

How can I get a free ticket?

The first 100 people to take a self-guided tour of the Liberty Hill International Sculpture Park on October 19th will receive a free ticket to the Saturday evening Balloon Glow & Street Dance. Tours are available from 8am – 1pm. Visitors may begin lining up at 7:30am.

Will I be refunded if weather conditions cause changes, cancellations or delays? 
Unfortunately, the weather is out of our control and there are no refunds or rainchecks for the event. The Liberty Hill International Sculpture Festival is an outdoor event and is at the mercy of Mother Nature. While it may be necessary to cancel some events or attractions that are a part of the festival, the event will go on rain or shine.  If weather conditions do impact the event, we will proceed with as many attractions and events as possible while keeping in mind the safety of our guests and volunteers.

Will the Balloon Launch and Balloon Glow be cancelled during bad weather?
Our goal is to continue with all events. With that being said, the safety of our pilots and guests must remain the number one concern. Sometimes weather conditions that may not seem significant to our guests are very significant to the organizers and pilots.  Wind conditions must be calm and stable for the Balloon Glow and Launch.  The pilots must be able to keep the tethered balloons in an upright and stable position for the Glow. Big wind gusts, rain, and wet grounds could all be a cause for an event cancellation. No one will be more disappointed in the case of a cancelled event that the organizers and balloon pilots, who traveled from all over the country.
If conditions will not allow us to inflate balloons for a Glow, we will do a “candlestick burn.” This is where the pilot put the basket or gondola out and without inflating the envelope will ignite the burners for a flame that will light up the field and sky. 

How can I find out if weather will impact the event and cause cancellations or delays?
We will continue to monitor weather conditions and keep you informed of any changes. Please stay tuned to our Facebook page and our website for the latest information regarding weather impact changes. Text @lhfun to 81010 for text updates.
What is a balloon glow?

A balloon glow is often held as a climax to a Hot Air Balloon Festival. The balloons are set up at sunset and inflated as if they are going to ascend, but instead, they are held down by the ground crew. The propane burners are ignited to music to keep the balloons inflated with hot air, giving a spectacular show for the audience. 

Can I ride in a balloon during the festival?

Raffle tickets will be sold to raffle off rides in the sunrise balloon launch. Raffle tickets can be purchased on our website. Two winning raffle tickets will be drawn at 7am at Lions Foundation Park on October 19th, and winners must be present. The winner may choose one guest to ride along as well (one passenger must be 18+). The balloon ride will last between 30 minutes and one hour, and the balloon will follow the wind. The pilot crew will track the balloon, and drive passengers back to the park after the balloon has landed. 

Tethered balloon rides are also available at both festivals for $25 (cash or credit card).

Do you accept checks or credit cards?
Checks are not accepted. Tickets may be purchased online using a credit card or at the gate with cash.  Printed or mobile tickets must be presented and scanned at the gate to receive your wristband. Food Trucks & Artisan Vendors will accept cash and credit cards.  This varies from vendor to vendor and is at each vendor’s discretion.

How close can we get to the balloons during the Balloon Glow?
The balloons are displayed in the field among the crowd so you must use your best judgement while keeping safety of your family and friends in mind.

Where will the balloons be launching and landing?
Balloons launch from Lions Foundation Park Saturday morning at sunrise, and land wherever the wind takes them.

Where can I watch the balloons launch? 
The best way to watch the launch is to come to Lions Foundation Park Saturday morning by 7am. Sign up for the Fun Run, or stay in the park to enjoy lots of festivities.

May I bring my pet?
Well-behaved and leashed pets are allowed in the festival, but may not ride the shuttle buses. Please pick up after your pets.

Will there be any activities for children?
The morning festival will be full of hands-on art activities, live sculpting and art demos, and a Kids Fun Zone. The evening portion will feature a street dance for all ages and a silent disco with three high-energy DJs. Kids will enjoy the entire day, and are encouraged to come both morning and night! 

May I bring my own cooler to the festival?
Coolers are not allowed due to space constraints on the shuttle buses. Snacks and drinks may be brought in bags or carried in hands. Food vendors will be on site.

May I bring my drone?
No. Drones are not permitted by the FAA on or around airport facilities.

What kind of seating can I expect?
There is no seating at the festival. Bring lawn chairs or blankets, or plan to walk around. There will be plenty to see and do! 

How much does it cost for Parking?
Parking and shuttles are free. See the parking tab for info on where to park.

Can I smoke, vape, or drink alcohol?

For the safety of the balloons, pilots, and all in attendance, smoking, vaping and alcohol are prohibited.